NOTE: No more articles will be posted on this topic until such time as there is a resolution to the canonical issues.

From the Patriarch and Holy Synod of Constantinople

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew: “As the Mother Church, It is Reasonable to Desire the Restoration of Unity
for the Divided Ecclesiastical Body in Ukraine”

Announcement from the Sacred and Holy Synod of Constantinople

Ecumenical Patriarchate Agrees To Recognize Independence Of Ukrainian Church
Kirill quoted as saying that his church will "have to break eucharistical relations with Constantinople" following the decision.

The Ecumenical Throne and the Church of Ukraine - The Documents Speak

Pat. Bartholomew: Sooner or Later, the ROC Will Have to Accept Our Decision

The Exclusive Privilege of the Ecumenical Throne to Adjudicate Various Disputes Beyond the Limits of its Jurisdiction

Official Position of the Ecumenical Patriarchate on Autocephaly & Autonomy

Orthodox Schism, Constantinople Speaks Out. Chryssavgis: “A Schism Created for an Abuse of Power”

Patriarch Bartholomew Appealed to Ukrainians on the 85th Anniversary of the Holodomor

November 19, 2018

November 27, 2018

Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew’s Position on the Ukrainian Crisis

Communique of Ecumenical Patriarchate 29/11/2018

Bartholomew, “Ukraine Has the Right to Be Granted Autocephaly”

Synod of Constantinople Approves the Draft Charter of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine

The Current Situation in Ukraine - Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew

Constantinople Finalizes Procedure for Election of Primate of the Autocephalous Church in Ukraine

Bartholomew I: I Am Also a Spiritual Father of the Russians


The Ecumenical Patriarch’s Letter to the Patriarchs and Archbishops of the Autocephalous Orthodox Churches

Bartholomew on Tomos: Ukrainian People Have Been Waiting for this Blessed Day for Seven Centuries

History Is Made: Bartholomew Signs Tomos of Autocephaly for Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Ecumenical Patriarch Hands Tomos of Autocephaly Over to Leader of Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Patriarchal and Synodal Tomos for the Bestowal of the Ecclesiastical Status of Autocephaly
to the Orthodox Church in Ukraine

Address by His All-Holiness Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew
at the Bestowal of the Tomos of Autocephaly to the Church of Ukraine

Exarch of Constantinople Confirms That Orthodox Church of Ukraine Can Receive Patriarchate

For Bartholomew, The Autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church Is an Act of Justice

From Other Sources

Moral Reasons for Ukrainian Orthodox Autocephaly: No More Russian Oppression of Believers
Another point of view on the continuing Ukrainian saga.

Ukraine Asks Constantinople to Allow Creation of Independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church
There appears to be no response from the Moscow Patriarchate.The Orthodox in Ukraine were forced into the Moscow Patriarchate by the Soviets.

Autocephaly in a Nutshell
An interesting commentary.

Metropolitan Hilarion Foresees Schism in Orthodoxy Compared to the Great Schism
if Ukrainian Schismatics Obtain Autocephaly

Ukraine Wants to Cut Ties with the Russian Orthodox Church — Here’s Why

Why Ukraine Needs a Free and Recognized Orthodox Church

In Battle Between Russia and Ukraine, Even God Is in Dispute

World Orthodoxy Divides Over Ukrainian Question
  This article shows that these are national churches and have no sense of a worldwide anything.
Furthermore, politics always seem to take precedence in Orthodoxy.

Archbishop: Russian Invasion of Ukraine Is a ‘Silent War’
Comments from Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Orthodox Church Leaders Duel Over Ukraine, Meet With Pope Francis
The Pope directs the Greek Catholics to stay out of this fray as it is between the Orthodox Churches.

Christianity in Ukraine Explained in 35 Minutes by Right Rev. Dr. Andriy Chirovsky
A logical understanding of the history of the Russian Orthodox Church.

Why Russia Wants Crimea
From The History Channel

Autocephalous Church Is One of Backbones of Ukraine’s National Security - Poroshenko

Russian Orthodox Church A ‘National Security Threat’ to Ukraine, Says President

The Patriarchate of Jerusalem Believes the Decisions of the Phanar Concerning the Ukraine Must Be Coordinated
with the Russian Orthodox Church

Bartholomew I Tells Russia’s Patriarch Kyrill about Plans to Grant Autocephaly to Ukrainian Church
Russians claim that everything was already decided and they could do nothing about it.

“Who Was Supposed to Get the Glass?” Video from Constantinople Talks Raises Questions Amid Novichok Fears
Could something like this still happen in the 21st Century? We thought the KGB was gone.

Autocephaly for Ukrainian Orthodox Church: Coming Soon?
In view of the current situation in Orthodoxy, we are including videos on this subject.

Metropolitan Hilarion: Patriarch Bartholomew Will Bear Personal Responsibility Before the Judgement of God
and the Judgement of History

Russian Church Suspends Commemoration of Patriarch Bartholomew and Concelebration with Constantinople Hierarchs, Eucharistic Communion Not Broken

Statement of the Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church Concerning the Uncanonical Intervention
 of the Patriarchate of Constantinople in the Canonical Territory of the Russian Orthodox Church

Interview Archbishop Job (Getcha) for Ukrainian Aytokefaly

A Fortress-like Vatican for the Russian Orthodox Church

The Heresy of Papism

With Belarus Seeking Autocephaly, Moscow Is Even More Isolated Among Orthodox
Dominoes anyone?

A Different Approach to the Ecclesiastical Discussion about Ukraine

Patriarch Repeats Stance on Autocephaly of Ukrainian Orthodox Church

An Orthodox Fracture with Serious Consequences

Metropolitan Tikhon Issues Archpastoral Letter Concerning Recent Developments in Ukraine
From the Orthodox Church in America.

Regarding the Granting of Autocephaly to the Church of Ukraine
From Archbishop Demetrios of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America.

Russian Orthodox Church Issues Warning to Orthodoxy’s Leader
What is the heresy that would make Moscow break communion? Anyone who reads the decisions of the Ecumenical Councils knows
 that the Patriarch of Constantinople (New Rome) was equal in dignity and second to the Patriarch of old Rome.
  This appears to be far more political than theological or ecclesiological.

Russian Church Spokesman Falsely Compares Ukrainian Church to Nazis

Statement of the Holy Synod of Antioch Concerning the Current Developments in the Orthodox World

Broken Faith: Ukrainian Church Fights For Independence From Moscow

Reflection by Metropolitan Stephanos of Tallinn and All Estonia on the Ukraine

“Let Repentance Be Brought by Those Who Brought the Situation to Such an Absurdity” Monk Diodorus (Larionov), Specialist in Canon Law, on the Conflict Between the Russian Orthodox Church and Constantinople
This article bypasses all the bluster and invectives and presents a scholarly approach to the current impasse
between Moscow and Constantinople

Amid Church Rift, Kremlin Vows To ‘Protect Interests’ Of Faithful In Ukraine

Prayers Answered: Ukrainians Greet Church Split With Open Arms, Despite Moscow’s Warnings

What Do Tensions Among Orthodox Believers Mean for Modern Christianity?

Kyiv Patriarchate Vs. Moscow Patriarchate: David Triumphs Over Goliath

What Comes Next As Ukrainian Orthodox Church Pushes For Independence From Moscow?

Archbishop’s Defiance Threatens Putin’s Vision of Russian Greatness

Biggest Split in Modern Orthodox History: Russian Orthodox Church Breaks Ties with Constantinople

Crisis in Orthodoxy: Separating Fact from Fiction

Worst Schism in Centuries Takes Place: Russian Church Breaks Ties With Constantinople
 This is what happens when ideology trumps theology and ecclesiology.
We find it difficult to believe that educated people would believe the Russian view

Eastern Europe’s Catholics Steer Through Inter-Orthodox Feud

Belarusian Priest Defrocked For Facebook Photos, Amid Orthodox Schism
Note the “priest” with the earpiece…KGB? Putin’s “boys” are everywhere.

The Attitude of Ukrainians Towards the Creation of a Single Local Church
For some reason Komrade Kyrill is at the bottom of the trusted list.

Ukraine Prelate Says Orthodox Independence Is ‘Affirmation of Rights’

Orthodox Church Split Just Tip of Putin’s Crumbling ‘Soft Power’ in Ukraine

ROC Metropolitan Arrives in the Vatican to Talk about Schism in Ukraine

The Geopolitical Divorce of the Century: Why Putin Cannot Afford to Let Ukraine Go

UGCC Head: New Stage of Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue: Not Moscow – Vatican, but Constantinople – Vatican

Joint Statement of the Serbian and Antiochian Orthodox Patriarchates

Patriarch Bartholomew to Visit Kyiv to Hand Over Tomos

ROC to Sever Relations with Patriarchate of Jerusalem, if Filaret’s Adherents Are Allowed to Worship in the Holy Land

UGCC Head: New Stage of Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue: Not Moscow – Vatican, but Constantinople – Vatican

The Highest-Ranking Orthodox Bishop Landed a Blow Against Putin
by Invoking an Obscure and Ancient Power from 451 AD

Nafpaktos: “The Ecumenical Patriarchate Is Undoubtedly the First Throne of the Church”
We have included the original Greek text and an English translation.

The Holy Synod Calls for Moscow and Constantinople to Resolve Ukrainian Issue Together,
Highlights Pan-Orthodox Cooperation

From the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church

Patriarchs of Antioch and Serbia urge Phanar to restore dialogue with ROC

Archimandrite Kirill Hovorun: “Moscow Patriarchate Has Several Candidates for the New Church Primate”
We don’t want anything to do with this, but we will participate in the forming of a new Ukrainian Church and,
 oh…by the way… we have the majority of bishops.

Constantinople’s Decision on Ukraine Part of Global Plan to Destroy Russian Church - Patriarch Kirill (Updated)
Paranoia, anyone?

The Ukrainian Orthodox Church Is Trying to Withdraw from Moscow’s Control. The Kremlin Is Not Happy.

Archbishop Job (Getcha): Moscow Patriarchate No Longer Exists in Ukraine
Is America next?

Constantinople Made Decision on Autocephaly in April, - Archbishop Job

Russia, Ukraine, and The Orthodox Church

Ukraine and the Ecumenical Patriarchate Signed an Agreement to Establish an Independent Ukrainian Church

Ukrainian Autocephaly. What Next? The Role of Patriarch Bartholomew

Christian Geopolitics and the Ukrainian Ecclesiastical Crisis

Patriarch Kyrill Predicts ‘Historical Defeat’ of Those Who Trying to Create New Church in Ukraine

Speaker of Parliament Talks Publicly about Date of Unification Council

Archbishop Job (Getcha) Thinks That All Ukrainian Bishops Are De Facto Bishops of the Patriarchate of Constantinople

National Institute for Strategic Studies Explains Significance of Agreement Signed by Ukraine’s President
and Ecumenical Patriarch

Will Pope Francis Have an Impact on Orthodoxy’s Ukraine Dispute?

Orthodox Schism, Moscow Speaks Out. Hilarion: “Constantinople Has Lost this Role. Half of All Orthodox Christians in the World Are Not in Communion with It”.
We wonder if these are +Hilarion’s words, or was he ordered to say this?

Metropolitan Hilarion: Patriarch of Constantinople Claims Power over History Itself

Philaret and Makary Withdraw Candidacy to Lead New Ukrainian Church, Likely to Be Headed by Abp. Job (Getcha) – UAOC Source

Poroshenko to Meet with Bishops of Canonical Church on Tuesday

UOC-MP Breaks Eucharistic Communion with Ecumenical Patriarchate

UOC-MP Refuses to Participate in Creation of Autocephalous Church in Ukraine

Ukraine’s Thorny Path to Tomos

Metropolitan Hilarion: Patriarch Bartholomew’s Actions Do Not Heal the Schism but Rather Deepen It

Nicholas Denysenko: An Orthodox Graveyard and the Tomos of Autocephaly for Ukraine

Why Is There No People in the Orthodox World? Is It Possible to Cope with It and How?

Orthodox. Moscow and Constantinopoli Divisi on Kiev and the Voltage Grows

What Happened to the Canceled Meeting with President Poroshenko and in the UOC MP Nov 13 Meeting

Cyril Hovorun: Ukraine, the Ecumenical Patriarchate, and Post-truth

Sebastian Rimestad: My View on the Ukrainian Church Issue
One of the simplest explanations we have ever seen.

Moscow’s Canonical Raiding

Views of the Orthodox Autocephalous Church of Albania Regarding the Ukrainian Ecclesiastical Question
Sounds like Patriarch Kyrill does not have the support of the Albanians.

Russia Seizes Ukrainian Ships Near Annexed Crimea After Firing on Them
Sounds to us like Putin is trying to start a war and take over Ukraine... churches and all

Vladimir Putin Needs to Feel Real Consequences for His Aggression

Our Future Depends on Our Readiness to Retaliate with Determination,
 Patriarch Filaret Comments on Aggression near Kerch

A Warning to All Orthodox in Ukraine

President Congratulated Ukrainians on the Decision of the Holy Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate:
 The Tomos Is a Charter of Our Spiritual Independence

President: The State Has Done Everything It Could and Should for the Tomos

A Storm Brews Over the Formation of a New Church in Ukraine

Russian Orthodox Cleric In Kyiv Accused Of ‘Inciting Hatred’

Ukraine: Leader Pledges Church Choice for Orthodox Faithful

Divided Orthodox’s Wounded Christmas

The Ukrainian Autocephaly Under Scholarly Scrutiny the Parties Involved, Their Arguments and the Legacy Left

Archimandrite Cyril Hovorun on Ukraine’s Upcoming Unification Synod

The Ukrainian Autocephaly and Its Consequences

Metropolitan Alexander Drabinko of the UOC MP: Patriarch Bartholomew’s Letter to Metropolitan Onufry
 and the Unifying Council (Interview)

Orthodox Strife in Ukraine: Serious but Not Catastrophic (Video)

First Hierarchical Liturgy of Patriarchal Stauropegia to Be Held at St Andrew’s Church in Kyiv

Metropolitan Hilarion: Reflections on the Threshold of the “Unifying Council” of the Schismatics

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill Sends Letters to Religious Leaders, Senior Statesmen
 and Heads of International Organizations
Regarding the Pressure Exerted by the Ukrainian Authorities
 on the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and the Government’s Interference in the Ecclesiastical Life in Ukraine

The Struggle for Ukrainian Autocephaly: Subversion and Canonicity

Church Battle Could Weaken Putin’s Power in Ukraine

Metropolitan Epifaniy (Dumenko) Becomes Primate of One Local Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Elected Primate Epiphanios Invites All to the Newly Formed Orthodox Church

Why Drive for Independence of Ukraine’s Church Matters to Rome Too

ROC in Ukraine: Ukrainian Parliament Passes Bill on the Name of Moscow Patriarchate

A New Orthodox Church of Ukraine: FAQ

How President Poroshenko Secured Church Independence for Ukraine

Kostantin Sigov: We Want Ukrainian Autocephaly and End to Russian Exploitation of Religion for Political Purposes

Old Wine in New Bottles: How Bad Habits Derailed Ukrainian Church Unification – Interview with Cyril Hovorun

New Chances, New Risks. Where Ukrainian Orthodoxy Stands on the Eve of Independence

Speech of His Holiness Patriarch Cyril at the Meeting of the High Council on December 26, 2018

Metropolitan Epiphanius: Procedure for Granting Tomos to Ukraine Will Start on January 5

New Church in Ukraine Should Put Aside Post-soviet Legacy: Interview with Nicholas Denysenk

Structures of Russian Orthodox Church to Open in All Localities That Have Constantinople Parishes

Orthodox Conflict in Ukraine “Tragic”, Says Schönborn

The Church Council and the Establishment of the New Local Church in Kiev

Bartholomew’s Tomos of Contention and State Security of Ukraine (Part 1)

Nickolas Denissenko: For Tomos Autocefaly

“They Are Not Asleep”: Archbishop Warns of Possible Intensification of Efforts by Anti-Ukrainian Forces over Tomos

Ukraine Orthodox Church Granted Independence from Russian Church

How Putin Lost Ukraine for Good

Leader of Ukraine’s Church Asks Orthodox Churches to Pray for Peace, Release of Captives

Poroshenko Criticizes Moscow's Statement on Constantinople’s Alleged Benefits from Ukraine Tomos

Poroshenko: Tomos for Ukraine Is Another Act of Declaring Independence

Honorable Patriarch Filaret: Kirill’s Threats to Ecumenical Patriarch Attest to His Weakness

Ukraine Catholic Leader Welcomes New Independent Orthodox Church

Christmas Wishes to Russian and Ukrainian Friends for the Future of the Church in Ukraine

Letter of His Beatitude Patriarch John X to His All Holiness Patriarch Bartholomew

His Beatitude Sviatoslav: Unity of Catholics and Orthodox is not Utopian Thinking

Two More Church Communities in Vinnytsia Region Join Ukrainian Orthodox Church

Patriarch Kirill of Moscow Commemorated During the Nativity Divine Liturgy in Kyiv

Petros Vassiliadis:The Historical Canonical and Theological Arguments for the Ecumenical Patriarchate’s Initiative to Grant Autocephalous Status to the Orthodox Church in Ukraine

Did Erdogan Say No to Putin on Church Issue?

Patriarch Bartholomew’s Letter to the Hierarchs of the Ecumenical Throne on Ukraine

About 70 Parishes Leave Moscow Patriarchate, Join OCU — Iryna Lutsenko

Bartholomew’s Tomos of Contention and State Security of Ukraine (Part 2)

The Debate Over the Declaration of Autocephaly in a Church

The Pope and the Orthodox “Thorns”

Our Saint Sophia. Letter of His Beatitude Sviatoslav
 on the Occasion of the Centenary of the Renewal of Unity of the Ukrainian Nation and State

Synodality and Primacy in the Orthodox Church From the Keynote Address by Metropolitan Kallistos (Ware of Diokleia)
at the IOTA Inaugural Conference, 9-12 January 2019 in Iasi, Romania

For Whom Does the Great Bell of Kiev Toll? Moscow and Constantinople: Another Great Schism

The Leaders of the UGCC and the OCU Spoke in Favor of Deepening the Cooperation Between the Churches

UNIAN: Some 100 Parishes of Moscow Patriarchate Join Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Putin’s Dream of Godliness: Holy Russia

Ukraine Needs Unity among Christians, Because Our Inner Spiritual Power Depends on It! - His Beatitude Sviatoslav

Russian Orthodox-Affiliated Parishes Start Switch to New Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Ukranian Autocephaly: A Cause of an Intra-Orthodox Crisis or A Possible Ecumenical Miracle?

Bulgarians Call on Their Synod to Recognize Orthodox Church of Ukraine

Patriarch John of Antioch: We Believe in the Unity of Our Church


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