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Of Current Interest

1054: History, Myth, and the Making of a Schism (Part I)

1054: History, Myth, and the Making of a Schism (Part II)

1054: History, Myth, and the Making of a Schism (Part III)

A Papal Calendar?
Thoughts about the Old vs New Calendar Issue

A Cassock: Work Clothes, Not a Dress Uniform

An Orthodox Schism Could Be Looming. But There Might Just Be A Catholic Solution.
The administrative dysfunction of Orthodoxy leads to many interesting solutions.

Anti-Catholic Critics Oppose Orthodox Council on Unity

Archbishop of Canterbury and Ecumenical Patriarch Commit to Tackling Modern Slavery
Archbishop Welby has the backbone to do this?????

Bartholomew: “‘Amoris Laetitia’ recalls the compassion of God”

Bartholomew Delivers Lectio Magistralis on Communion During Historic Visit to Bari

Cardinal Kurt Koch Proposes to Set up a Commission to Reconcile the UGCC and the ROC
The problem is that the Russians will never admit that they worked with the Soviets to absorb the Eastern Catholics, take over their churches and, if bishops and priests resisted, they shot them.

Catholics, Orthodox Christians Are Allies, Not Rivals — Russian Metropolitan

Chalcedon Canon 28: Yesterday and Today
This is an older article, but is still germaine to current events in Orthodoxy.

Communique: Any Clarification Regarding Faith must Be Made in Ecclesial Communion, Not in Disunion
This a carefully worded statement by the Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church. It seeks the unity of the Church for which we pray at every Liturgy, and the truth of the Council of Crete revealed without the ulterior motives of the extremists.

Fifty Athonite Cells Cease Commemoration of Ecumenical Patriarch
“Those who have ceased commemoration have not sought to join another or form their own synod, but rather have decided to practice a ‘walling off’ as a form of protest, without committing the grave sin of schism.” These days delusion rears its head in many forms.

Final Message of the Fifth European Catholic-Orthodox Forum

Formal Accusation of Heterodox Teaching by Patriarch Bartholomew Submitted to the Hierarchy of the Church of Greece
Matthew 7:4-5:
4"How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' while there is still a beam in your own eye?
5You hypocrite! First take the beam out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

Gender Ideology Is ‘Destructive,’ ‘Anti-human’ and Must Be Opposed: Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church

Georgian Patriarchate Not Commenting on Firing of Patriarch's Secretary, Head of Security Detail

Hermitage Head Defies Russian Orthodox Church over Cathedral

How a Photo of Radio’s ‘Bible Answer Man’ in Church Lost Him Thousands of Listeners

How To Become An Orthodox Christian | Journey To Orthodoxy

In Search Of A Father

Infant Communion: The Ancient Western Tradition
This is not a new article, but definitely worth reading.

Leaders of Christianity’s East and West to come together in Egypt
Too bad the Patriarch of Moscow finds it hard to meet with the Pope of Rome…he could lend his support to this event.

Mount Athos: Microcosm of the Christian East
Please read pages 98 to 110

New Hampshire Diocese Becomes Latest to Restore Order of Sacraments

Orthodox Church Warns Russians Against Militaristic Rhetoric
It’s good to see that someone in the Russian Orthodox Church has a backbone.

Patriarch Filaret Calls for Union of Orthodox Churches in Ukraine
Of course there are two smaller Orthodox Churches as well….for a total of four and the Eastern Catholics.

Patriarch Kirill Calls on Catholics to Jointly Oppose de-Christianization of Human Civilization

Patriarch Kirill Confronts Duma on Corruption, Abortion

Pope: It’s a ‘Very Grave Sin’ for Catholics to Try to Convert Orthodox

Pope Francis Confirms Finality of Ban on Ordaining Women Priests

Pope Francis Gives Patriarch Kirill Birthday Gift of Relic

Presentation by the DECR chairman Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk
 at the World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians

Priest Arrested in Plot to Poison Head of Georgian Church

Return to Form: A Call for the Restoration of the Roman Rite

Roots of Papacy-The Patristic Logic
Here is an article from a Roman Catholic point of view worthy of a read.

Russia's Orthodox Church Will Henceforth Celebrate St. Patrick's Day

Russian Patriarch Blesses New Paris Church, a Putin Project
It is so wonderful to see the magnanimous generosity of the Roman Church to the Russian Church establishing parishes
in the canonical territory of the Roman Patriarch!

San Antonio Archdiocese Removes Priest from a Parish of Anglican Converts
The Parish has joined the Ordinariate. Here’s the latest.

Saudi Arabia’s Grand Mufti Wants Churches Destroyed – It’s Time for the West to Rethink Relations

Statement from His Eminence Archbishop Demetrios of America
This is a wonderful theological statement. How has it worked in the formerly Orthodox lands that are now Islamic?

Sympathy For The Devil
Another thoughtful article by Archbishop Charles Chaput, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Philadelphia

Synodality and Primacy During the First Millennium:
Towards a Common Understanding In Service to the Unity of the Church

The Catholic Church in Ankara Will Host the Liturgies Celebrated by the Ecumenical Patriarchate
for Orthodox Christians

The Catholic-Orthodox Joint Commission Reaches Agreement on Synodality and Primacy
A significant breakthrough has been made by studying the practice of the first millennium on the subject of Primacy.
This removes one more obstacle to the unity of the Church.

The Church and the Holy and Great Council
Commentary on a lecture on the Holy and Great Council delivered at the March 2017 Clergy Retreat
 of the Eastern American Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.
The lecture is ROCOR ignorance at its best.

‘The Church of England is dying’, warns former Queen’s Chaplain

The Church That Stalin Couldn’t Kill: Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church Thrives Seventy Years after Forced Reunification
Stalin had no great love for the Churches, Eastern Catholic or Orthodox. His plan to “reunite” the Eastern Catholics with the Russian Church avoids the fact that the Eastern Churches were united with Rome before the Great Schism!  However, once “united” to the Russian Church, he and his successors proceeded to eliminate all of them, Catholic and Orthodox.
Today the Moscow Patriarchate steers clear of any discussion about this sad period of history...perhaps out of shame; but they were, and still may continue to be, used by the government.

The Dangers of Internet Orthodoxy

The Ecumenism of the People in Bari in the Name of Saint Nicholas
It is nice to see some Orthodox acting like Christians…

 The Filioque in the Dublin Agreed Statement 1984

The First Test for Orthodox Unity after the Holy and Great Council: The Chieti Document

The History of Pews Is Just as Terrible and Embarrassing as You’d Imagine

The Most and Least Educated U.S. Religious Groups

The Patriarch of Moscow Sends a Surprising Gift to Pope Francis
It’s a relic of Saint Seraphim of Sarov.

The Russian Church and the Catholic Church Should Stop Confrontation Between East and West--
 Patriarch at the Meeting with the Italian President

The True Translation of Letter (In English) of Ecumenical Patriarch to the Archbishop of Athens

The Way Forward After the Catholic-Orthodox Agreement on Primacy and Synodality

Turkey Builds 9,000 Mosques, Bans Orthodox Christian Liturgy
This arbitrary ban seems to be yet another demonstration of the “unofficial” second-class status of Christians in Turkey.

Utah Mormons, Protestants Finding New Spiritual Home in Ancient Orthodox Church

Vatican Tightens Rules on Miracles and Money in Sainthood Cases

Vladimir Putin’s Outlaw State
The silence from Komrade Kirill is deafening.

'We Will Never Tolerate A Separate Ukrainian Church' - Russian Patriarch

What Orthodox Families Must Do to Keep the Kids Orthodox ...

When it Comes to Liturgy, We're All Mutually-enriching Mongrels
 We do wish we would go back to altar rails….not necessarily for Communion but to define sacred space.
Would it be too much to ask for rood screens?

Which Professions Are Incompatible With The Priesthood?
We hope that Komrade Kirill comes up with a plan to support to make this work.

Why Conservative Churches Grow and Liberal Churches Shrink
From the Dallas Morning News

Why We Need an All-English Liturgy

World Meeting of Russian Catholics Hailed as ‘Last Hurrah’ for Movement

History of Western Rite Orthodoxy

Catholic Orthodoxy and Anglo-Catholicism:
A Word about Intercommunion Between the English and the Orthodox Churches

From Catholic Priest to Orthodox Pioneer

In Defense of Western Rite Orthodoxy

On Celtic Orthodoxy

What Do We Make of the Western Rite?

On the date of Easter/Pascha

Moscow Patriarchate to Pope: On Easter a Gesture of Goodwill, But We Will Not Overturn Old Traditions

Pope Francis to turn Tridentine?!? The Date of Easter

What Makes Orthodox Easter Different

Will Pope Francis Change the Date of Easter?

Background Information

Celebrating Easter/Pascha Together

Towards a Common Date of Easter

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