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From the Patriarch of Constantinople
Patriarchal Proclamation of Christmas 2017

News from the Greek Archdiocese
We wonder what is going on in the Greek Archdiocese.
Ecumenical Patriarchate Wants Embattled Archbishop Demetrios Out

Αnnouncement of the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese

Published Reports about Missing Funds are False

Archdiocese Releases Information on its Financial Situation

Announcement of the Holy Eparchial Synod

Audit Committee Appointed by Archbishop Demetrios

Executive Committee Establishes Special Investigative Committee for St. Nicholas National Shrine

Announcement of the Holy and Sacred Synod of the Ecumenical Patriarchate

Report on Status of Archdiocesan Financial Situatin

Archdiocese Remains Committed to Rebuilding of Saint Nicholas and Continues the Fundraising Efforts

Construction Halted at Church Destroyed in Sept. 11 Attacks

Archdiocese Committed to Total Transparency and Accountability

Archdiocese Achieves Financial Stability

Of Current Interest

A German Bishop Supports Plan For Same-sex Marriage Blessings
“Silly bishop...never read the first book of the Bible where it speaks of Adam and Eve...not Adam and Steve.”

A New Schism in the Orthodox World Growing as Moscow Seeks Supremacy Over Constantinople
Komrade Kirill and his BFF, Vlad the Mad, are trying to take over the Orthodox Church

An Increasingly Unorthodox World

An International Conference of Orthodox Theology on the Holy and Great Council
We wonder if Komrade Kirill has made his reservations for this Conference yet.

Bishop Tells Russians Not to Vote for Putin in Rare Church Dissent

Bulgarian Orthodox Church Opposes EU Women’s Rights Initiative, Saying it Will Cause ‘Moral Decay’

Christians In The East Lose Their Lives, But Christians In The West Are Losing Their Souls

11 Thoughts on the Nativity Fast from Pat. Daniel of Romania

Head of Kyiv Patriarchate Ready to Meet with Patriarch Kirill

Mailbag: The Enemy In Our Home

Patriarch of Jerusalem Warns a Proposed Bill Could Threaten Christians

Petrine Primacy: Who Can Speak on Behalf of the Orthodox Church?

Pope Francis Suggests Altering Lord’s Prayer
Actually he just wants a better translation of the line…so he is NOT changing the Lord’s Prayer.

Pope Meets Greek Orthodox Patriarch Theophilos of Jerusalem

Presiding in Charity: Ecumenical Dialogue Looks at Pope’s Role

Priest Calls on Bishops to Publicly Oust 14 Catholic Senators Who Voted for Late-Term Abortion

Putin Hails ‘Traditional Values’ in First Church Congress

Questioning the Prospects of Catholic-Orthodox Unity

Reclaiming Orthodoxy
From the Eastern Catholic perspective.

Response to The Chieti Document is Another Step Forward for the Orthodox and Roman Catholic Churches’
Common Understanding in Service of Unity

Rising up with Christ

Russian Church Says "End of History" is Near

Russian Orthodox Archbishop Hilarion Alfeyev Has A Warning For The West

The State of Orthodoxy in North America at the End of 2017
From the Executive Director of Orthodox Christian Laity

The Tragedy of Commonplace Church Scandals

Trump’s Evangelical Adviser Says Jesus Invented the Flu Shot and Will Stop You From Getting Sick
The fundies are getting crazier and crazier.

Vatican Lifts Ban on Married Priests for Eastern Catholics in Diaspora

Articles of Interest from THE MOSCOW TIMES

Head of Russian Orthodox Church Proposes Exorcism As Cure for Mental Illness
Exorcism should only be carried out after all other psychological and physical causalities have been ruled out.
It is very dangerous to the patient and the priest to do otherwise.

Patriarch Kirill: From Ambitious Reformer to State Hardliner
Russia’s top Orthodox cleric has led the Church into the heart of the state.

The Russian Orthodox Church and the Impact of Bolshevism

Articles of Interest from the Past

1054: History, Myth, and the Making of a Schism (Part I)

1054: History, Myth, and the Making of a Schism (Part II)

1054: History, Myth, and the Making of a Schism (Part III)

A Cassock: Work Clothes, Not a Dress Uniform

A Church Of Empire: Why the Russian Church Chose to Bless Empire
From 2015, but still relevant

A Christian Understanding of Homosexuality

A Papal Calendar?
Thoughts about the Old vs New Calendar Issue

Against Ethnocentrism and Nationalism in the Church

Chalcedon Canon 28: Yesterday and Today
Germaine to current events in Orthodoxy.

Devotion to the Mother of God: The Orthodox Rosary

Disputed Athonite Statement on Crete Council Sparks Controversy

How To Become An Orthodox Christian | Journey To Orthodoxy

In Search Of A Father

Is Orthodoxy the Same Everywhere?: Understanding Theological Controversy Within the Church

Miracle? American Orthodox Bishop's Body Did Not Decay After 5 Years of Burial in Dallas

On Becoming and Remaining an Orthodox Christian

On Canonicity - Whatever That May Be

Orthodox Liturgists Issued a Statement of Support for the Revival of the Order of Deaconess
by the Patriarchate of Alexandria

Pope Francis Confirms Finality of Ban on Ordaining Women Priests

Relations of the Orthodox Church with “Uniates”

Russian Byzantine Catholic Church: Caught Between the Vatican and Russian Orthodox

Synodality and Primacy During the First Millennium:
Towards a Common Understanding In Service to the Unity of the Church

The Catholic-Orthodox Joint Commission Reaches Agreement on Synodality and Primacy
A significant breakthrough has been made by studying the practice of the first millennium on the subject of Primacy.
This removes one more obstacle to the unity of the Church.

The Church and the Holy and Great Council
Commentary on a lecture on the Holy and Great Council delivered at the March 2017 Clergy Retreat
 of the Eastern American Diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia.
The lecture is ROCOR ignorance at its best.

The Didascalia: A Sometimes Humorous Look at the Liturgy of the Early Church

The Ever-Virginity of the Theotokos

 The Filioque in the Dublin Agreed Statement 1984

The First Test for Orthodox Unity after the Holy and Great Council: The Chieti Document

The Icon: Point of Unity Between Catholics and Orthodox

The Myth of Unity
here is a bit of interpretation and editorializing here but the thrust of the article is clear:  There never was Orthodox unity in this country. And, if one was in a strict interpretation of the canons, nor was there canonicity among the churches which were started here.

The Role of the Bishop of Rome in the Communion of the Churches in the First Millenium

The Way Forward After the Catholic-Orthodox Agreement on Primacy and Synodality

United from Above

Why We Fast Before Christmas

Why We Need an All-English Liturgy

World Meeting of Russian Catholics Hailed as ‘Last Hurrah’ for Movement

History of Western Rite Orthodoxy

Catholic Orthodoxy and Anglo-Catholicism:
A Word about Intercommunion Between the English and the Orthodox Churches

From Catholic Priest to Orthodox Pioneer

In Defense of Western Rite Orthodoxy

Infant Communion: The Ancient Western Tradition

On Celtic Orthodoxy

What Do We Make of the Western Rite?

On the date of Easter/Pascha

Moscow Patriarchate to Pope: On Easter a Gesture of Goodwill, But We Will Not Overturn Old Traditions

Pope Francis to turn Tridentine?!? The Date of Easter

What Makes Orthodox Easter Different

Will Pope Francis Change the Date of Easter?

Background Information

Celebrating Easter/Pascha Together

Towards a Common Date of Easter


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